Posted on Apr 27, 2021

Carabin Shaw, P.C.


It’s hard to get answers when an insurance company stops payments on disability benefits. Whether you try to talk to the company or read through your policy’s terms, chances are you still won’t know why the payments stopped. The personal injury experts at our firm are here to help you take the right steps to regain your long-term disability benefits.

Get Familiar with Your Policy
Is there a time limit or age limit on long-term disability benefit payments?
Are there rules to follow in order to receive benefits?
Understanding the regulations of your policy is key to knowing whether you’re eligible for continuing benefits. Policies can be confusing, and seeking legal advice to answer these questions is helpful. A lawyer familiar with this field of work will help clarify and determine the rules of your policy. The lawyers in our firm are prepared to professionally evaluate your individual case.
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