Posted on Apr 7, 2021

Carabin Shaw, P.C.

Texas Vehicular Accident Attorney
Vehicular accidents in Texas often involve injuries sustained in one or both vehicles. In fact, sometimes there are multiple vehicles involved which makes filing a claim much more difficult. If you have sustained injuries as a result of an accident in Texas, it is in your best interest to consult with an attorney at your earliest opportunity.
One of the things which many drivers don't understand is the fact that being found at fault isn't always cut and dry. In fact, there are times when a fault is assigned in percentages which makes it all the more difficult to collect on a claim, especially where injuries are involved. However, Our Law Firm has handled countless cases where the fault was not readily apparent and through negotiations and/or litigation won settlements for our clients.
For example, you may have been driving the vehicle that actually collided with another. This doesn't mean you are necessarily at fault, especially if the other driver was acting negligently or simply not following the rules of the road. Especially in a case like this, you will most likely need good representation and all the more so if you received a citation for the accident! There are times when both drivers are ticketed and it will take a good attorney to battle it out on your behalf.
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