Posted on Apr 7, 2021

Carabin Shaw, P.C.

Texas Explosion Accident Lawyers
Explosion accidents are horrible occurrences that often result in injuries which are life altering or even fatal. Figuring out the cause of the explosion as well as who the responsible party/parties were can be a bit challenging. There are several things that could cause an explosion to happen in the home or at the workplace.
For example, in the home, the explosion could have been caused by faulty gas lines, a leak, or even a product or appliance that was poorly constructed. If an explosion happens at a factory or refinery there are any number of things that could cause this to occur. Code violations, poor safety procedures, and human error are only a few things that may lead to an explosion.
The attorneys at our law firm have handled a lot of explosion cases and we have the experience to help victims and their families receive compensation as a result of the loss of life or serious and debilitating injuries. No matter how severe the injuries are or whether or not they are life-threatening, there are going to be a number of expenses involved. In tragic cases, even funeral costs will be a consideration.
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